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Partnering with Whole Foods to build a kinder world

CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc was please to offer our first-ever Vegan Tour of Whole Foods in Henderson, NV. This program was developed by Carrie in 2010 when she began a vegan advocacy program in Santa Barbara, California called Go Vegan Santa Barbara. CWI is pleased to now be resurrecting this program in a fantastic new partnership with the Whole Foods Markets located in the Las Vegas Valley.

Throughout the 15-person tour, information was provided to support transitioning to a vegan diet. We debunked myths, answered important questions like "where do you get your protein", and gave our top picks for the tastiest plant-based "meats" and "cheeses".

Close to 700 people were interested in attending this tour! Because of this, we will be offering the tour on a monthly basis and are now training two other individuals on how to give the tour as well. This program will form the center of CWI's Go Vegan USA program of which our Vegas VegFest is also a significant part. As funding allows, we hope to expand Go Vegan USA to encompass other programs and forms of vegan advocacy.

Questions or want to get involved? Email us:

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