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Tarzan Zerbini Circus Nearly Ends in Death

January 30, 2024

Tarzan Zerbini Circus, performing as the Mizpah Shrine Circus, demonstrated once again why animals do not belong in traveling circuses.

At 2 in the morning on an interstate in Indiana, a semi-truck carrying 5 zebras, 4 camels, and a miniature horse went up in flames.

A state trooper and a sheriff's deputy were involved in the rescue and securing of the animal until another truck arrived. Both officers were treated for smoke inhalation. While the animals were deemed healthy, it is unclear who made that determination as well as how the animals may have escaped the same smoke inhalation issues that impacted the involved officers.

It is time that the Shriners stepped up and STOPPED USING ANIMALS IN THEIR CIRCUS PERFORMANCES. Many people are not aware that the circus performances are not fundraisers that provide money to sick children. They raise money in order to keep the lights on in their regional clubhouses.


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