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Isa & Viola Deserve Sanctuary


Aging elephants Isa and Viola are currently being hauled around the country and forced to perform in the horrible Jordan World Circus.

Isa (age 53) and Viola (age unknown) have been traveling with Jordan World since the circus returned to the road from their winter break. Already this year, they have had to endure more than 6500 miles in travel, likely chained by their legs in the back of a semitrailer in all types of weather.

In video we collected at their stop north of Salt Lake City, we witnessed Isa and Viola forced to give dozens of rides

during a single circus performance. During the incredibly loud circus performance, the elephants were kept in a small corner of the arena on a concrete floor behind a truck. They could be heard trumpeting.

Toward the end of the excruciatingly long circus acts, Isa and Viola were forced into the center ring for five minutes to do stupid tricks. They were made to carry two performers on their backs and to climb on and off small pedestals.

Never far away was their handler and his bullhook.

Though Isa and Viola are presently traveling with Jordan World Circus, they are owned Carson and Barnes Circus. During recent summers, they have been performing at Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Circus World has stated that this will be the last summer that they host elephants on their property. While we are glad to hear that, Circus World erroneously continue to repeat the message that the elephants will be "retired". It is not up to Circus World as to whether Isa and Viola are retired; it is up to Carson and Barnes. We won't know if Isa and Viola are actually spared from future travel and performance until either Carson and Barnes share that they are, or (more likely) we either find Isa and Viola on the road, or not.

Seventy-seven times over more than 6500 miles this year through all kinds of weather....imagine it. Isa and Viola live a life of bondage and captivity unable to engage in any semblance of a normal, healthy life suited to an elephant. This shameful abuse requires the efforts of all of us to end it once and for all.

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