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CWI Filed Complaint with USDA against Mirage Resorts

Horrifically, a third dolphin has died at the Mirage Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas since April.

Bella passed in April of gastroenteritis at 13 years old.

Maverick passed away September 2 at 19 years old of a lung infection.

K2 died September 25 at just 11 years old of a respiratory illness.

CWI has filed an emergency complaint with the USDA on behalf of Bella, Maverick and K2, as well as the dolphins who are still alive and in a crisis on the Las Vegas Strip. The text of that complaint is below.

Please sign and share our petition:

And attend our protest at the Mirage on November 5. If you are unable to attend, please consider hosting a demonstration in your community against the unjust confinement of animals as a part of CWI's Freedom Matters event.

We will not stop speaking out until ALL of the dolphins, tigers, and other animals held captive at the Mirage are sent to sanctuary!

Dear Dr. Gibbens,

On behalf of CompassionWorks International (CWI), please consider this an urgent Complaint and a request for an immediate investigation into the dolphin habitat at Mirage Resorts (license no. 88-C-0074) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On April 15, 2022, the Mirage reported that 13-year-old dolphin Bella passed away from apparent gastroenteritis. APHIS conducted a follow-up visit on April 22 and apparently found nothing amiss.

Yet on September 2, 19-year-old Maverick died after treatment for a lung infection, and no APHIS visit has yet been logged into the system. Following, on September 25, the Mirage reported the death of yet another young dolphin, K2, who was just 11-years-old. K2 was also suffering from a respiratory illness.

The deaths of two young dolphins in the span of one month of similar illnesses represents a crisis to their captive population. Our understanding is that the venue is temporarily closed, so we are unable to visit and make any in-person assessment.

At this juncture, with three deaths recorded since April and a sale of the Mirage business including the dolphin habitat pending, we ask that the USDA intervene and conduct an immediate and thorough investigation of the facility, and organize for the removal of the dolphins to a secure, healthy environment.

We also ask that you ensure that the required necropsies are performed per federal regulation and the information found released to the public.

Thank you for your immediate action on this matter.

Kind regards,

Carrie LeBlanc, M.A.

Executive Director

CompassionWorks International


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