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Campaign Update: We WON!

11/22/22: Today MGM, the parent company of The Mirage, announced that Hard Rock International will close the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat. We won! Thank you to everyone who signed our petition, or who came to this page to sign it. There will be no more dolphins, tigers, lions and other big cats housed on the Las Vegas Strip!

While the future home of the animals is not yet known, we will continue our efforts to dialogue with Hard Rock about their placement in appropriate environments. 

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Take Action For Animals Held Captive at Mirage Las Vegas

Tigers, lions, dolphins, and other animals are confined in cages on the Las Vegas Strip inside The Mirage Hotel and Casino's "Secret Garden" exhibit. Over the years, The Mirage and its parent company MGM has been resistant to efforts to end this disgusting attraction and to send the animals confined there to sanctuary.

Recently, a fantastic opportunity has arisen: MGM has sold The Mirage to Hard Rock International, which, by all accounts, intends to overhaul the entire property.  We view this as the perfect time to renew our efforts to ensure a better future for the animals, and we have optimism that Hard Rock International will listen to our calls for justice. On April 30, we held a demonstration in front of The Mirage property, and now we move onto the next stage of our campaign: a petition asking Hard Rock International to ensure that the animals confined to the Secret Garden are relinquished to appropriate sanctuaries.

Please sign and share today!

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