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Carden Circus: Working hard in 2023 to offend as many people as possible... & bison cruelty.

It takes a lot to surprise us when it comes to circuses, but we were shocked when we saw Carden Circus featuring a new act with two bison and individuals dressed in Native American-themed costume.

The backlash from local tribal nations was swift. Representatives immediately reached out to Carden and demanded they remove the offensive elements from the circus. Surprisingly, there was a result: Carden removed the Native American-themed costumes from the act. Unfortunately, that was as far as they went. The circus has left the bison act in the show along with the music that was clearly intended to underscore the Native American theme.

CWI opposes the use of any animal in traveling circuses including the elephants, bison, camels, horses, ponies and other animals used in the Carden show.

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