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Zoo Incidents December 2018

Second giraffe calf dies in three weeks at Columbus Zoo (link)

Polar bear cub dies two days after birth at Detroit Zoo (link)

Second endangered Asiatic lion euthanized in five months after contracting bovine TB at Paignton Zoo (link)

Firefighters fight to free juvenile male rhino stuck in enrichment tire at Edinburgh Zoo (link)

Four elephants die at Grant’s Farm in 2018, two in the same week (link)

Cami, six-year-old giraffe, dies four days after emergency c-section and the death of her calf at Columbus Zoo (link)

Twelve-year-old siamang dies of bacterial infection at Dickerson Park Zoo (link)

African painted dog killed by members of his pack at Pueblo Zoo (link)

Emaciated elephant forced to perform tricks at Thai zoo (link)

Four-year-old red panda dies at the National Zoo (link)

Australia exports endangered parrots to sham German “zoo” which is selling birds on the black market (link)

Captive zebra shot dead at Hevans Safari, 5th animal killed since October 2017 (link)

Multiple animals die in fire at Chester Zoo (link)

Red panda suffers injury to tail, dies of infection at Elmwood Park Zoo (link)

Two jaguars shot and killed after escaping enclosure at Attica Zoological Park (link)

Animals are being neglected and abused at Olympic Game Farm (link)

Lack of vet care, suspicious deaths, inhumane killings at Puerto Rico’s only zoo (link)

Blue and gold macaw spooked by rain, disappears during flying lesson at Auckland Zoo (link)

Fifty-three birds die in quarantine at Alipore Zoo (link)

Toddler dies after being run over by battery-operated vehicle at Nehru Zoological Park (link)

Three-week-old elephant calf dies at Columbus Zoo after sudden illness (link)

Two red panda cubs escape enclosure at Woodland Park Zoo (link)

Male capybaras separated for fighting, ends in one brother killing the other after breaking a partition between their cages overnight at Hitachi City Zoo (link)

Twenty-two year old woman, lion killed after animal escaped from enclosure during routine cleaning (link)

One-year-old gazelle euthanized after sustaining a neck injury after running into a fence (link)

Eighty-four-year-old woman crashes into holiday display at Brookfield Zoo (link)

Third dolphin, 11-year-old Khloe, dies at Dolphinaris Arizona in two years (link)

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