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One Step Forward for NOSEY!

Yesterday the news broke that the USDA is initiating a proceeding to terminate Hugo Liebel's federal exhibitor license. Without this license, Liebel would no longer be allowed to force Nosey to perform in second-rate circuses or provoke her to give rides in parking lots. He is losing his battle to regain custody of Nosey at every turn.

CWI has been fighting for Nosey for five years, and during that time has completed several investigations (like this one) that have led to complaints filed with the USDA on her behalf for violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. We also launched a petition directed to the USDA that has acculmulated over 200,000 signers asking for the USDA to step in for Nosey and do the right thing.

Because this situation is not entirely resolved, we will continue to keep our petition for Nosey open, and to provide updates when possible on Liebel's exhibitor license and pending court cases.

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