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Tai Passes Away

Tragically, Tai, an elephant made famous due to her numerous appearances in feature films, was reported by her captors to have passed away after a "brief illness." Tai's owners were forced to leave California after the state passed a bill outlawing the use of injurious weapons on elephants. At that juncture they changed their name from "Have Trunk Will Travel" to "The Preserve" and set up shop in Texas, which still allows the torture and beating of elephants. Just a couple of months prior to the announcement of Tai's passing, a Preserve elephant named Dixie had her name unceremoniously removed from their website and was subsequently found out to be dead.

Please know that The Preserve is NOT a sanctuary or appropriate space for elephants, and that the owners have been caught on video abusing elephants. In Tai's memory, please do careful research before visiting any establishment holding elephants captive. Many abusive, for-profit companies are making use of terms like "sanctuary" or "preserve" in order to capture the attention and dollars of well-meaning elephant lovers. You can always contact us for feedback on an establishment you are considering visiting.


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