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Circus World Deceives With Their Latest Announcement


You may have heard the recent news that Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin intends to "retire" "their" elephants. We saw many folks celebrating this news online, so allow us to provide some clarification! Circus World is a museum dedicated to circus history. During the summer they have also offered live animal acts, including a circus using elephants and elephant rides. CWI visited in July 2018 and followed by filing a complaint with the USDA for numerous violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. The animal acts at Circus World are not owned by them. They contract with other circus providers to perform at their venue. The elephants that perform there are owned by infamous circus abusers Carson & Barnes. Circus World has no say over the future of the elephants and whether or not they will enjoy any "retirement". In fact, elephants performing at Circus World this summer were previously traveling with Jordan World Circus. We shared video of them with you last March. In previous years, we've seen the elephants who spend the summer at Circus World appear in traveling circuses both before and after their Circus World gig. Until Carson & Barnes commits to providing no further elephants to any circus or circus venue, and until they also commit to sending their elephants to an accredited sanctuary, there will be no true retirement for them. Carson & Barnes presently "owns" more than twenty elephants.


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