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Animal Advocacy in the age of COVID-19

As we type this post, the situation regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. Numerous states have enacted temporary bans on public gatherings of various sizes, with many more such bans likely to occur. Please know that we are working closely with animal advocates across the country to help them navigate this rapidly changing situation. Just this morning a circus performance in Oregon with a scheduled protest was forced to cancel due to the state of Oregon enacting a ban of gatherings over 250 people. We are doing our best to contact protest leads and protesters of these changes. What can you do?

  • If a circus or other event using animals is scheduled in your region, contact the venue imploring them to cancel for the safety of both people and animals.

  • If they refuse to cancel and you'd like to take action, contact us for protest advice and materials.

  • If you already have a demonstration or other action planned and would like to continue, please utilize measures recommended by the CDC, including "social distancing" (keeping 6 feet between yourself and other protesters or event-goers), and practicing careful hygiene including hand washing and avoiding touching your face.

CWI is keeping a careful and steady eye on this rapidly developing situation. For updates on circuses and planned circus protests, we recommend monitoring our dedicated page for the latest info and do pay attention to announcements by your state government regarding possible bans on community gatherings.

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