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How to Mount Protest Posters

Whether we've sent you posters or you've ordered them, careful mounting ensures that you will maximize your ability to use them time and again saving money and supplies. 


  • If you've received posters from CWI, your new posters will be made of regular poster paper, so require mounting in order to be effective for use at your demo.


  • For best results, mount on ¼” foam core using spray adhesive. Both of these items can generally be acquired at your local hardware or craft store. If you are mounting many posters, we recommend buying in bulk from an online source like to get the best value for your money.


  • If foam core is not available or is too expensive, you could also use poster board or regular cardboard, though neither of those options is as sturdy or as long lasting.


  • To mount your poster, spray your foam core or other base equally with the spray adhesive. We recommend doing this outside and to be careful of over-spraying.


  • Starting with a poster rolled with the image inside, match the bottom corners of your poster with the bottom corners of your base, and carefully unroll the poster onto your sprayed surface. This is best accomplished with two people. Also, be aware that some spray adhesive is stickier than others, so you many not get a second chance with placing your poster onto the coated surface.


  • Smooth out your poster and attempt to move any air bubbles to the edges as you roll upwards.


  • To further protect your protest poster, you may want to either laminate your poster (which will also help to protect it from the elements) or use black masking tape or clear packing tape around the edges depending upon the image. If you are mounting a vinyl poster to foam core, using a tape around the edges is imperative as the weight of the poster is likely to slide off your board otherwise.


  • When you are done using your posters, store flat in a dry area for best results.



Captive tiger protest poster
Bear hunting poster
Rodeo protest poster
Captive dolphin protest poster
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