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Betty Deserves Sanctuary

Betty was taken from her home in Thailand when she was just three years old and was ultimately sold to the Carden family in 1986. Since that time, she has been used for circus performances and rides by the Cardens despite the fact that Betty is chronically lame. She does not bend her left front ankle, which is evident when she walks or gives rides. Betty also continually drags her trunk along the ground as she walks. It appears that she is using her trunk as a crutch to remain balanced or to hold her upright. Her impairment could pose a serious public health hazard should her lameness result in a fall while she was performing or giving rides.

In performance after performance, CompassionWorks International has found Betty exhibiting these clear signs of suffering, yet the Carden family and the USDA do nothing to help her.

Carden continues to travel with Betty forcing her to give up to three hours of rides and three performances per day. Afterward, she is confined to a truck and driven hundreds of miles only to do it all again. This is no life for a precious elephant.

Another Carden family elephant named Jenny lived a similar life of performance and tricks despite having health issues, and the USDA did nothing to help her. Jenny died. Isn’t it time the USDA DID THEIR JOB and took action for animals used and abused in traveling circuses?

Please join CWI in calling on the USDA to do their job: confiscate Betty and transfer her to a Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries-certified sanctuary where she can live out the remainder of her days without the stress and pain of circus performance.

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