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CWI Investigations: Circus World: A History of Circus Abuse (2018)


In rural Wisconsin, there's a museum called Circus World. Throughout the summer Circus World doubles as a place of daily circus performances and rides, making use of elephants, tigers, and ponies. Please click here for more information on Circus World at the CWI blog. 

Between shows the elephants were forced to give rides, with periods of "time off". We found them cooling off by "dusting themselves" in the hot and humid 90 degree weather. Yet the time came for the elephants to "get back to work", and that is when we saw the leaf blower come out. Noisy, dusty, and removing the elephants' natural protection from the heat, they were then walked off back to the circus tent. 

Watch and share the video below,  and never attend a circus that uses animals!



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