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CWI Investigations: Nosey the Elephant. Ohio, 2016.


Yet again CWI finds long-suffering Nosey the elephant forced to give rides and circus performances. However, what was even more disturbing was the condition we found her in when out of the public view. Hidden behind a tarp while awaiting her circus performance, Nosey was shackled by her feet, unable to move but a step in any direction. She continually reached for leaves and attempted to free herself and to take down the tarp shielding her view.


Please, watch and share our latest Nosey investigation and help get the word out that elephants do not belong in the circus. They are not ours to use for rides or menial entertainment. #freedommatters

UPDATE!: On July 27th, CWI filed a formal complaint with the USDA for numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act that were found during the course of this investigation. Please continue to follow this investigation and our work for Nosey by signing up for our monthly newsletter.



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