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Boycott Botswana....still.

Today we are sad to report that Botswana has once again reopened trophy hunting of the country's elephants. After covid-19 interrupted the first hunt in many years (thanks to a ban instituted by the country's previous president), President Masisi--who CWI has protested on a speaking engagement in Las Vegas--is allowing the killing of this year's elephants AND last years. The total allowed kill will be 287 souls at a cost of up to $43,000 per animal.

This anti-scientific money grab compromises the good reputation that Botswana has enjoyed as being a savior to African wildlife. Masisi is jeopardizing the $2 billion per annum photo safari industry with his shortsightedness and desire to placate the bloodlust of wealthy Americans. The hunt will begin April 6 until September.

Masisi must quickly realize the value of Botswana's wildlife when left ALIVE and use science and data as his guide for determining best practices for wildlife management. We call on all of our supporters to boycott Botswana and products from Botswana and to let the Embassy know that you will NOT be traveling to or supporting Botswana as long as it continues down this immoral and vile path of destruction.

CWI continues our fight against trophy hunting with our Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting campaign. Learn more at


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