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Tell Mile Square Golf Course to say NO to trophy hunting!

Safari Club International is a vile club of animal killers. They like to praise each other for their disgusting exploits in their local groups. Every year, the local groups hold fundraising events consisting of the selling off of hunting trips and the equipment they use at them. Animals die so that a club of impotent incompetents can attempt to feel better about themselves and their pathetic lives.

Mile Square Golf Course in Fountain Valley, California surely must be confused about who they are renting space to, because no reputable establishment like a golf course would want to be connected to the BRUTAL MASSACRE OF OUR PLANET'S WILDLIFE FOR KICKS AND EGO.

Please help us educate them by signing and sharing the below! If you choose to use your own words, we encourage you to remain factual and polite. After all, Mile Square must not know what they have done. Let's give them the opportunity to make better decisions by canceling their contract with Safari Club International of Orange County. 


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