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Charlotte, NC passes exotic animals in circuses ban!


CompassionWorks International Board Advisor Kristen Moyer has been battling relentlessly for many years to pass a ban on the use of exotic animals in circuses in Charlotte, NC. We are thrilled to share that last night her efforts were rewarded and a ban was PASSED!

CWI is proud to have supported Kristen's efforts since she first decided to move forward with attempting to create a ban in 2015. Her amazing persistence was key in this success. The Charlotte City Council was reticent to move forward with this important step for animals and repeatedly refused to discuss the ban. Once they did begin to engage, it was still a struggle to get them to put a full ban up for a vote as they were more inclined to introduce a so-called "bullhook ban", which limits weapons that can be used on animals. The Council was also hearing from Universoul Circus who actively opposed any exotic animal ban. Yet Kristen never wavered in her mission. She encouraged more than 175 Charlotte residents filled out CWI's online form encouraging the Charlotte City Council to act....and last night they finally did.

Are you ready to devote your time and energy to ending circus cruelty? Let us know by visiting our dedicated page: and filling out the volunteer form on the home page. Let's keep up the pressure!


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