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Wake Up, Australia

Around the world, Australia enjoys a reputation of pristine beaches, gorgeous unique wildlife, and as a lush utopia. Sadly, this reputation is no longer deserved.

The fact is that Australia is not the place it once was. Its current credits include being the second in the world when it comes to biodiversity loss. The climate crisis is devastating native species, like the koala, as is human infringement on their habitat. Australia takes the top spot when it comes to the rate of mammal extinction. More than 10% of species have been wiped out in the last 200 years.

Additionally, Australia ranks extremely poorly when it comes to advancing the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDG Index measures progress against the 17 SDGs agreed by all countries in 2015. The goals encompass a set of 169 targets to be met by 2030 to achieve economic prosperity, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. Australia's results for the environmental goals and climate change are among the worst in the OECD group of so-called "advanced" nations. In fact, Australia was the worst-performing country in the world on climate action (SDG #13).

Australia's failings are coming at the cost of the lives of the animals the world loves and adores and which are a prime motivating factor in tourism to the country.

Join us in letting the Australian government know that the world is watching, and the time is NOW to save Australian wildlife with SENSIBLE and PRAGMATIC solutions focused on restoring natural fauna and flora, while addressing over-development and carbon emissions.

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