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Elephant Abuse in Thailand

As part of our ongoing series of educational videos about animal abuse we witnessed in Thailand, CWI has released one of our most heartbreaking clips yet.

Elephant abuse in the tourism industry is still prevalent around the world, including Thailand, where the "trekking" industry continues to thrive.

In our video, we show how riding/trekking businesses use young elephants to lure customers into their "camp." This young female is chained by one leg and exhibits extreme distress. She is forced to have her picture taken with tourists who pay money for bananas to feed to her.

Watch and listen as CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc engages a trekking company employee in a conversation revealing the truth behind the young elephant's behavior.

What can you do to help? Never, ever ride elephants. Unfortunately, in Thailand, a new industry is popping up as a result of tourism awareness of elephant suffering. Opportunities to bathe elephants, or ride them without a saddle, are increasing. Know that anytime you choose to interact with an elephant, you are preventing them from living a normal, natural life. If you truly love elephants, donate to their care and support in situ conservation measures, and let them live their own lives, as far from humans as possible.

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