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Camels Don't Belong In The Circus

"Camels Don't Belong In the Circus" reveals the chronic suffering that camels endure in traveling circuses. Over the last year and a half, CWI has observed countless camels, each finding themselves in a sad and all-too-familiar predicament: standing alone, bound to a fence or a post by a short rope attached to a harness on their face, waiting for a freedom that never comes. Often forced to give rides or perform "tricks" in the circus, camels endure a life of traveling from city to city, never knowing the companionship and ability to roam that they instinctively crave. Please watch and share our newest exposé that contains footage and images from SIX different traveling circuses, and let the people in your life know: no animal deserves to live a life suffering inside the circus confined for the profit of another.

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