November 26, 2019

Did you know that Las Vegas hosts more than 39 million visitors per year? With CWI's headquarters located nearby, we do our best to take full advantage of the opportunity to educate as many people about living vegan as possible! That is why we rolled out our Living Veg...

November 20, 2019

Around the world, Australia enjoys a reputation of pristine beaches, gorgeous unique wildlife, and as a lush utopia. Sadly, this reputation is no longer deserved.

The fact is that Australia is not the place it once was. Its current credits include being the second in th...

November 20, 2019

Teaching kids to throw things at animals is educational? Feeding them items like marshmallows is helpful to preserving their health and well being? Only an animal-abusing circus could come up with this. 

Carol and Patty deserve better.

Boycott the circus and join us in t...

November 10, 2019

In response to Gulfport's building of an aquarium with the full backing of local government and businesses, CWI (with support from Lush Cosmetics and numerous individual donors) has erected a billboard in Gulfport speaking out against dolphin captivity. We thank everyo...

November 9, 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in CWI's 2019 Freedom Matters event protesting against the unjust captivity of animals!

Events took place in Las Vegas, NV; Gulfport, MS; Brookfield, IL; Glen, NH; Dallas, TX; and San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. 

We are grateful...

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July 21, 2020

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July 2, 2020

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