SCI Stoops to Fundraising Off of the Good Work of Activists

Trophy hunters are so terrified of activists that they are now fundraising off of successful efforts to expose them for what they are: weak-minded, blood thirsty ego maniacs who think that wildlife exists for people to USE. How low can they go? Read the entire letter here: Ready to cancel out the donation of a trophy hunter? Support CWI today and the work we do to reveal the truth about trophy hunters and their vile and reprehensible killing of innocent animals. Click here to cancel out a trophy hunter today!

Bull Riding Protest

On Saturday, February 23rd, CWI, in partnership with numerous animal rights organizations, will stage a protest at the debut of Professional Bull Riders Iron Cowboy being held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Click here for more information on the protest or email us for more info if you are not on Facebook. In conjunction with this event, and due to activist demand, we have also created posters appropriate for PBR demonstrations. While we have not had them printed in bulk as yet, we are happy to share the print files with you. Click here to request them (please don't try to print the images below as they are low resolution).

Taking on Trophy Hunters Around the World

On January 12th, CWI produced the 4th annual Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (WRATH), an annual event that coincides with the annual conference of Safari Club International, a group of trophy hunters who kill animals for fun, bragging rights, and gold stars from SCI. The conference was held in Reno, NV where CWI gathered more than 50 caring animal advocates to speak out against trophy hunting. Less than a half mile from the convention, CWI mounted a billboard that not only addressed the trophy hunters down the street, but also the yearly immoral Nevada black bear trophy hunt. The billboard made a bold statement in opposition to the hunt, and could be seen from inside the main hotel as

A Kind World Rolls Again!

While we were busy protesting around the world against trophy hunting, CWI also shared a message of kindness on the Las Vegas Strip with our vegan-themed mobile billboard! We are grateful to VegFund for providing the funding for this important run of the A Kind World billboard, which reached an extra 100,000 people thanks to the massive Consumer Electronics Show that was taking place in Las Vegas during the same period! Ready to learn more about living kindly? Visit our site Love the mobile billboard and its reach of tens of thousands every day? You can sponsor our next run! Sponsor a full 24 hours for $816, or just a few by visiting and writing "vegan billbo

Trophy Hunting Convention Exposed

Do you know what takes place at the Safari Club International annual convention? In addition to learning about gruesome topics like "preparing your trophy room", the blood-thirsty ego maniacs at SCI bid to kill hundreds of animals. Take a brief stroll through the lunacy: Be a part of the solution. Join our Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting! More info:

Zoo Incidents December 2018

Second giraffe calf dies in three weeks at Columbus Zoo (link) Polar bear cub dies two days after birth at Detroit Zoo (link) Second endangered Asiatic lion euthanized in five months after contracting bovine TB at Paignton Zoo (link) Firefighters fight to free juvenile male rhino stuck in enrichment tire at Edinburgh Zoo (link) Four elephants die at Grant’s Farm in 2018, two in the same week (link) Cami, six-year-old giraffe, dies four days after emergency c-section and the death of her calf at Columbus Zoo (link) Twelve-year-old siamang dies of bacterial infection at Dickerson Park Zoo (link) African painted dog killed by members of his pack at Pueblo Zoo (link) Emaciated elephant forced to

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