2018: A Year of Circus Cruelty

While massive progress continues to be made against circus cruelty, the circuses that DO use animals continue their abusive ways. Watch our wrap-up video below to learn more, and then pledge to get involved in the fight to end circus cruelty in 2019!

Zoo Incidents November 2018

November 2018 Zoo incidents Abuja Zoo under fire for malnourished camel On October 12th a cheetah escaped it’s enclosure at Howletts Wild Animal Park. Saba chased two deer, which died after running into a fence. Zoo was supposed to report incident but didn’t. ZooTampa vet accused of killing numerous manatees through malpractice Black rhino dies at French zoo after botched attempt to harvest semen Traveling zoo stolen, animals recovered in Kentucky. Three-week-old giraffe dies of infection at Virginia Zoo Crocodile injured after zoo patrons throw rocks at him Feral dogs break in and kill three animals at Jackson Zoo Rhino injures and kills ostrich in shared exhibit at Seneca Park Zoo Man bre

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