Circus Pages has CLOSED

CWI was recently tipped off that Circus Pages was closing for business...and that tip turned out to be true! Yet another circus has opted to fold rather than to evolve into an ethical, sustainable business. Ending animal abusing circuses has been one of CWI's primary campaigns since before we came into being as an organization. We have been battling circus cruelty on a daily basis since 2011, so we are gratified to see the fruits of hundreds of hours of effort. We are grateful to the thousands of animal advocates who joined us in protesting and acting against circus abuse. Circus Pages joins Ringling Bros Circus and Cole Bros Circus in closing up shop permanently, while Ramos Bros Circus and

We Mourn the Loss of Anna Louise.

Dear Friends, With an incredibly heavy heart, we have some terrible news to share. Elephant Anna Louise, who we all have been fighting for, is reported to have passed away. You may recall that we (CompassionWorks International) filed an emergency complaint on her behalf with the USDA last Spring, and that shortly thereafter she was taken off the road. We followed up by filing a complaint with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, because we continued to be concerned about her welfare. The FWC checked on her, and last we knew she was on the property of her "owner" Tom Demry in supposedly acceptable health. Moments ago we found out that an African elephant fitting Anna Louise's desc

CWI Rolls out "A Kind World"

CWI, with funding from The Pollination Project and numerous individual donors, launched our "A Kind World" campaign today in Las Vegas. The campaign features a mobile billboard, which will be running on the famous Las Vegas Strip this week, and again in both September and November. Tens of thousands of tourists are on the Strip at any given hour, and our unique billboard and messaging gives us enormous reach to a new (and unsuspecting!) audience. The aim of the campaign is to help people make connections between different areas of concern for animals with the goal of encouraging veganism. While many animal rights organizations focus on veganism from solely the perspective of farmed animals,

Join Us in Celebrating Our Successes!

Every now and then, even while there is still much to do, it is important to take a step back and feel good about our work for animals! With our Mid-Year Report, CWI does exactly that. Click on the image below to access a downloadable version of our report, or contact us with your address if you would like a hardcopy mailed to you! THANK YOU for being a part of so many big wins for animals!

Acting Against Circuses in China

CWI is a proud member of the Animals For Asia Coalition (AFA). Recently we joined other organizations from around the world in supporting a letter put forth by the AFA addressed to Mr. Xu Qin, Governor of the Hebei Provincial Government in Shijiazhuang, China, requesting that he choose not to include the use of animals in the forthcoming Shijiazhuang International circus festival. Numerous instances of attacks on humans by wild animals were noted in the letter: Attacks by wild animals in circuses in China: March 2018 / Fuzhou, China; Circus trainer killed by a tiger in the arena at Fuzhou Zoo. November 2017 / Xichuan, China; Caged tiger attacks man’s hand as he tries to feed it. November 201

Circus World: A History of Exploitation and Abuse

CWI recently visited Circus World in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Our goal was to perform a welfare check on the animals forced to perform in the daily circus events held there. We accomplished that goal, and also came away with so much more. Circus World is housed on the former Winter Quarters of Ringling Brothers Circus. The current incarnation is both a museum and a place for entertainment acts including a full circus performing twice daily, which includes an elephant act. A tiger act is performed separately from the main circus and also takes place twice per day. This year, Circus World is using Hanneford Circus and makes use of elephants Lisa, Tracy, and Becky, who are "owned" by notorious anima

Jeff Lowe Belongs In Jail

According to a Las Vegas news report, Jeff Lowe, of the "Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park" in Oklahoma, found himself in hot water starting last November when authorities removed three exotic animals from his Las Vegas-based home. CWI was tipped of to Lowe's intentions in the Spring of 2017 thanks to disgruntled circus-supporter Jessica Ramos Rodogel. She mentioned our Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc in a comment on Jeff Lowe's Facebook page that indicated he was attempting to open up shop in Las Vegas, which is where CWI is headquartered. At that point, CWI immediately took action. We contacted local authorities and provided them with a complete dossier on Lowe including information w

Animal Rights National Conference 2018

CWI was proud to be a Silver Sponsor of this year's Animal Rights National Conference, which took place in Los Angeles from June 28th to July 1st. We made our debut at the conference in 2014 and have proudly sponsored this important event ever since. Nearly 2,000 animal advocates attended this year, and CWI was pleased to speak to many of them at our booth, which was ably manned by CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc, National Campaigns Manager Rosemary Thompson, and Lead Volunteers Karrie Harvey and Shanna Cardea. We spoke to interested advocates about bout our 2019 WRATH event and the 2018 Freedom Matters demonstrations; we were pleased to have a lot of activist interest in both events.

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