Urge the USDA to Revise Regulations

The USDA has a long-standing policy of automatically renewing the permits of animal exhibitors, dealers, and breeders, which has allowed those with numerous complaints or violations to easily continue their operations. This practice has allowed those known to ignore the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to continue to operate without further consideration by the USDA and has led to animals like Nosey remaining in abusive and unsuitable situations. We urge you to speak out, and encourage the USDA to follow through on a proposed plan to require licensees to reapply every few years and force them to show that they are in compliance with the AWA. It is our hope that this new policy would "weed out" the w

Nosey Needs Your Eyes and Ears

Since our last update, Nosey has been found traveling throughout northeast Ohio giving rides and performing stupid tricks at "circuses" held primarily in parking lots. Sadly, today we saw video of her out of Hanoverton, OH reaching out to the Liebel family son for food or water. She picked up her bucket and reaches out to him with it, yet he chose to ignore her entirely. She then dropped her bucket when she realized he would pay her no attention. It was heartbreaking to see how they treat "family." The type of tiny circus that she is currently performing in does not invest in marketing, so there is no telling where she might pop up. She is currently about 40 miles southwest of Youngstown

Camel Abuse in Tennessee

Last night, CWI filed an emergency complaint with the USDA regarding a camel that witnesses observed being hit and otherwise harmed after the camel dropped to the ground while giving rides and refused to stand. The two women who were riding the camel when the camel fell recorded the incident, and CWI leapt into action after the video was shared with us. This poor camel had been forced to give rides for several hours in 90 degree heat with high humidity before collapsing to the ground and refusing to get up. Watch the deeply disturbing incident here: As a result of the media attention surrounding this incident, the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee opted to remove the camel rides from

Have you seen Anna Louise?

Three months ago we updated the petition regarding the lonely elephant Anna Louise to let you know that CompassionWorks International filed an emergency complaint on behalf of Anna Louise for issues we noticed in her gait at a circus performance. We believe her ability to walk is compromised and asked the USDA to intervene. Since approximately two weeks after we filed that complaint we have been unable to locate Anna Louise. She does not appear to be traveling any longer with the Stardust Circus and has not rejoined the Kelly Miller Circus or any known Shrine Circus. Have you seen a so-called "Dancing Elephant" in your community? If so, please let us know by emailing us immediately at inf

Animals in Entertainment

CWI was pleased to take part in the 2017 Animal Rights National Conference for our 3rd consecutive year. We had a great conference meeting new folks and reuniting with old friends! CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc gave two talks (Animals in Entertainment and Fundraising) and facilitated a workgroup on Empowering Women in Animal Advocacy. CLICK HERE to watch Carrie's talk on Animals in Entertainment. Not only did we get the word out about the important work that has been accomplished related to the use of animals for the purpose of entertainment, but we adamantly asserted the importance of animal advocates and funders to our movement actively supporting these campaigns and engaging in th

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