Farewell, Ringling! The final protest.

CWI was proud to have co-organized the final ever Ringling Bros Circus protest in Uniondale, Long Island, NY with our Board Advisor Bryan Monell and in conjunction with local organization LION and PETA. It was a momentous day with over 100 activists letting Ringling know until the very last car left the parking lot that the animals who they have chained, beaten, caged, and forced to perform for 146 years deserve SANCTUARY. We also educated the public on the fact that circuses other than Ringling still exist! So our fight continues. Couldn't make it? Relive the experience with the photos and videos below! And, please, keep up the fight against circus cruelty. Email us at info@cwint.org or lea

Empty the Tanks with Jane-Velez Mitchell

CWI was proud to co-host the 5th annual Empty the Tanks event in Las Vegas on May 13th alongside Free the Mojave Dolphins. Over 75 animal advocates turned up to let the Mirage Las Vegas know that dolphins do NOT belong in tanks roasting under the desert sun! Visitors to the Las Vegas Strip were horrified to learn the reality of dolphin confinement at the Mirage where 13 dolphins have died since they first began holding them captive there in 1990. CWI Executive Director Carrie was on-hand at the event, and did a live interview with Jane Velez-Mitchell during the protest. CLICK HERE to view the interview and learn more about dolphin captivity at the Mirage and the Worldwide Empty the Tanks eve

Demand Justice for Jasper

On May 6th, a black bear known as Jasper was shot by a Washoe County Sheriff’s Office deputy in an attempt to scare her and her cubs away. Yet instead of using a rubber bullet as the deputy reportedly intended to, he/she used a live bullet. Jasper sustained injuries for which she was being treated, but she succumbed to the shot and died at 7:15am on May 7th. We demand an investigation into 1. whether any action against Jasper and her cubs was actually necessary, and, if it was, 2. why non-lethal means (like air horns) were not used as a first response, and 3. we request to be provided with an explanation as to whether the Nevada Department of Wildlife was engaged given that the bears were al

Dolphins should not be in Las Vegas

We were pleased to see that the Las Vegas Review-Journal opted to publish our letter to the editor regarding animal captivity at the Mirage, which keeps dolphins in an unshaded pool in the middle of the desert, as well as tigers, and other apex predators in tiny indoor cages. Our statement: "Animal captivity by MGM including The Mirage is a shameful and cruel practice that is rapidly running out of steam in an age when people are waking up to the reality that animal captivity is not kind and it is not educational, it is animal cruelty." Click the image below to read the full text of our letter to the editor.

Chatting with Jane Velez-Mitchell at LA VegFest

On Sunday afternoon, Executive Director Carrie spoke on a panel, moderated by Jane Velez-Mitchell, alongside amazing animal advocates including Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary and Shaun Monson of the film Earthlings. Click on the photo below to watch the full conversation!

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