Thank you for helping animals in 2016!

Working together, we can and will create a brighter world for animals! We thank all of the animal advocates who worked with us in 2016 to push forward so much change. Please take a moment to celebrate this success! And then help us build upon this success in 2017 by making a year-end donation: just click HERE.

Trophy Hunting: Putting the “Con” in Conservation

While 2016 has been a rough year for almost everyone, wildlife has had a particularly rough time. More than 180 countries failed to protect decimated and rapidly decreasing lion populations at CITES 2016. Giraffes have lost nearly 40% of their population since the 1980’s, making authorities list the species as “vulnerable”. Elephant populations have been stolen from the wild and transported to United States zoos to live out sad lives in cramped enclosures. Now, there are less than 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild. The most alarming part of the cheetah’s plight? You can still pay to kill one for just $12,775 before mounting the animal on your wall. Despite the mass extinction of wildlife, part

Camels Don't Belong In The Circus

"Camels Don't Belong In the Circus" reveals the chronic suffering that camels endure in traveling circuses. Over the last year and a half, CWI has observed countless camels, each finding themselves in a sad and all-too-familiar predicament: standing alone, bound to a fence or a post by a short rope attached to a harness on their face, waiting for a freedom that never comes. Often forced to give rides or perform "tricks" in the circus, camels endure a life of traveling from city to city, never knowing the companionship and ability to roam that they instinctively crave. Please watch and share our newest exposé that contains footage and images from SIX different traveling circuses, and let the

Give the gift of hope!

Give a gift this holiday season that gives back! Make a donation of $50 or more to CWI in honor of a family member or friend, and they will receive a beautiful gold-plated necklace inside a shimmering gold "You are their voice" card to let them know of your kindness! But please, don't wait! We only have 100 of these available! Click the image below to get yours now!

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