Ellen Ericksen: CWI's August Animal Hero of the Month!

When it comes to passionate and devoted animal advocates, few can claim to work as hard and as consistently as our friend Ellen Ericksen. Week after week, Ellen can be found making a powerful stand for those being held captive inside SeaWorld, the rodeo, the slaughterhouse, the circus, and the racetrack. Her commitment, passion, strategic vision, professionalism and kind heart have helped save many lives. CWI is proud to have supported her recent protests at the Del Mar horse races with new posters. For more on Ellen, please click here. To get involved in her latest demos, click here.

CWI Investigates: Jacksonville Zoo

CWI continues our series of investigations around our nation's zoos, and this time we are at the Jacksonville Zoo in Jacksonville, Florida. Time and again we see a sadly familiar sight: animals pacing in cages or grasping at the bars that confine them, desperately trying to find freedom. At CompassionWorks International, we work hard to shine a bright light on institutionalized animal cruelties. Please, don't go to the zoo. Support in situ conservation work and observe animals, from a distance!, in the wild.

Tiger Act at the 3 County Fair Must END!

CLICK THE IMAGE TO SIGN THE PETITION! The annual 3 County Fair held in Northampton, Massachusetts has made the disappointing and inhumane decision to include an exotic animal act as part of its offerings for the 2016 season. While including tigers might seem like an exciting addition to a line-up of family entertainment, the sad reality is that exotic animal training involves abuse and cruelty. Though we can't know which performance Bruno Blaszak is planning for the 3 County Fair, it is clear from his website (http://www.brunostigers.com) that he forces his tigers to perform tricks that are not a part of their normal or natural behavior. Photos reveal that he subjects them to fire (of which

The Fight Against the Nevada Bear Hunt

CWI is pleased to announce a partnership with No Bear Hunt NV and the Nevada Wildlife Alliance to put an end to the cruel and immoral bear hunt that has been taking place in Nevada since 2010. We will be assisting in garnering public support to putting an end to this much-maligned trophy hunt. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information on the first of many protests and other community awareness raising efforts. If you are in the Las Vegas area, please also join Las Vegas Animal Rights Advocates to get involved in this and other efforts for animals in the region.

Zoochosis in Cleveland

Following an investigation conducted in July, CWI has released an educational video to highlight zoochosis, which is abnormal or "stereotypic" behavior demonstrated by captive animals. Far from being "cute" or "funny", animals demonstrating repetitive behaviors, including the incessant pacing witnessed in this video, are in distress due to a lack of ability to function normally or naturally. These behaviors are often mistaken as an animal's desire to interact with a zoo-goer or are viewed as innocent or "normal". Please help us get the word out that confinement is cruelty, and we must not allow our desire to have 30 seconds of entertainment come at the expense of someone's life. Please share

Tricks Treats & Vegan Eats

Join CWI for our first ever fundraising benefit to support our life-saving work! Haunting you on October 24th, the must-do vegan event of the Halloween season: Come and experience the magic of: Tommy Wind (from the popular tv show Masters of Illusion) The Amazing Steve & SnakeBabe Maria Magician/comedian Murray SawChuck Special Guest DJ set by Morpheus Blak - Voted Best Las Vegas DJ by Vegas Rated Magazine! We'll have a costume contest with cash prizes! And a spooktacular silent auction! VIP tickets and packages will be available! Tickets will include your choice of a meal from either GFY Burgers & Fries or Garden Grill! And much, much more!! Stay tuned for more details and ad

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