Rally For Cecil! Protest Trophy Hunting!

CWI was horrified to learn of the brutal murder of Cecil. This year, we continue our campaign against trophy hunting and Safari Club International by protesting SCI's annual conference in Cecil's honor. Join our rally February 3-6 in Las Vegas, NV. Details HERE. Also, sign our petition letting Mandalay Bay, home of the SCI conference, know how you feel about their relationship with individuals who kill for entertainment!

CWI Releases Another Nosey Investigation

CWI filed yet another USDA complaint agaist the Liebel family after video footage relealed Nosey chained by her front feet, frequently left unattended, and then forced to crawl during a performance. Watch and share our video!

Elephants Don't Belong In The Circus

Using video footage obtained by or submitted to CWI in 2015, we produced "Elephants Don't Belong In The Circus" a short one-miute educational video which provides the general public with a non-violent synopsis of why the use of elephants in traveling entertainment is cruel. Please watch and share!

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