Betty and Bo, 2019

Betty and Bo are performing with the Garden Bros Circus, but are owned by the Carden family. Larry Carden is traveling with Garden Bros Circus as the elephants trainer. Previously, Betty and Bo have performed with UniverSoul Circus. 

Elephant Bo found chained by one leg, under tarp, standing on asphalt, in Danbury, CT (April, 2019) where temperatures were frequently in the 30s.

Elephant Bo found stereotyping in Waynesville, NC (March 2019). Stereotypical behaviors, like the rocking or swaying movement Bo makes here, are indicators of emotional or psychological distress, which are frequently found in captive elephants. 

A compilation of elephant Betty, who is chronically lame, in Denver, CO, Raleigh, NC, and Fletcher, NC where she was found performing tricks and giving rides with Garden Bros Circus. 

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